James Barrett
David Butterworth

Large Film Projects – Orchestrations

James prides himself on his own orchestrations as an integral part of his composing craft, but on largescale film projects, due to volume of output, and time constraints, it is fundamentally necessary to work closely alongside an orchestrator of pedigree whom the composer knows they can trust, and for that orchestrator to know the composer’s music well enough to be able to interpret the feel and orchestral colours that the composer wants to create. It’s a deep and intimate artistic process.

James has had a close working relationship with the orchestrator David Butterworth spanning many years. David also knows James’ orchestrations of his classical works well, having worked as a copyist on all of the musical scores for his concert works, making the musical understanding between them that much deeper. They are also good friends, which makes for a perfect working combination as a film scoring duo.

David Butterworth’s career as a film orchestrator is stellar, having worked on a long list of Oscar, BAFTA, and Emmy award-winning Hollywood and British films, with many of the world’s top film composers. Credits include the Oscar-winning Gravity, The Martian, Total Recall, Baby Driver, Fury, Suicide Squad, The Legend of Tarzan, Shaun The Sheep, Farmageddon, Early Man, Lady And The Tramp, Wonder Woman and Fireheart.

Any enquiries concerning large-scale film and TV orchestral projects, please contact James for more details.

Link Orchestra

LINK Orchestra

James formed his own multi-disciplinary orchestra for cross-platform artistic collaborations in 2022. Link Orchestra exists in order to facilitate far-reaching creative collaborative projects, including film. Large-scale film or TV projects would normally be recorded in London or abroad.

The LINK Concept

LINK Orchestra aims to act as a germinator and catalyst for collaborative creativity across all artistic disciplines and platforms. To turn ideas and seeds of artistic thought into reality through collaboration, and make them branch out and grow. To act as a fertile hub across the creative spectrum, and to be the facilitator for extraordinary Arts projects that are bigger than the sum of the parts.

The LINK Mission

To stand as a beacon of excellence in professional musical performance, both for existing standard classical music repertoire, for new music, and for cross-platform arts projects.

To act as a LINK between past and present in classical music and the arts.

To educate and constantly stimulate creativity, in order to find new paths for musical performance and arts collaborations in our ever changing and increasingly challenging world environment.

To question the language, values and essence of contemporary music and art as an extension of the past.


LINK Orchestra exists to look into the future and support creativity and artists in new ways for our ever-changing world. As an orchestra this will incorporate high-quality musical performances, but with a multitude of other elements that have sprung out of a project-based approach.

The LINK concept incorporates an arts organisation and orchestra that acts in a pioneering way to bridge the gap between different artistic disciplines and audiences of all ages. To strike the balance between the old and the new.

Collaborating is about togetherness. It’s about the germination of ideas. It’s about growth. It’s about cross-platform creation. It’s about the cross-fertilisation of ideas across the creative spectrum, culminating in something that is far greater than the sum of the parts, due to the cross-fertilisation of music with all art forms including painting, dance, poetry, sculpture, photography, film-making, performance art, and a plethora of other genres incorporating innovation and science.

LINK will act as a catalyst for a re-think in creativity in order to show new paths forward for the Arts in 2023 and beyond.

Visit the LINK Orchestra website to find out more…