TOILERS OF THE ELEMENTS - seascape fantasy for percussion and string orchestra

Percussion concerto written for Dame Evelyn Glennie. Commissioned by Peninsula Arts. Premiered by Evelyn Glennie and the Ten Tors Orchestra in Plymouth Guildhall.

Toilers of the Elements received a standing ovation at it's premiere in a packed Plymouth Guildhall.

Dame Evelyn Glennie described the piece as 'A wonderful new concerto which explores the real subtlety and musicality of percussion playing in relation to the string orchestra'. She continues: 'James Barrett allows the performers to delve into so much more than what the written page can project. He injects this need for us all, performers and audience alike, to use all our senses to participate in the piece'.

Michael Church of The Independent wrote: 'Having explored Glennie's arsenal, Barrett had settled for a lovely combinaton of Vibes, Marimba, tam-tams, "waterphones", and a mellow-toned "Hapi" drum. The dialogue between soloist and orchestra was by turns lyrical and explosive. The orchestral writing had a Stravinskyan tinge, while the solo part gave full scope to Glennie's virtuosity: this "Fantasy for Percussion and Strings" deserves to be heard again soon.'

Toilers of the Elements - premiere concert recording - click to enlarge

Toilers of the Elements - premiere concert recording

Live premiere recording from Plymouth Guildhall

Percussion solo - Dame Evelyn Glennie
Ten Tors Orchestra
Conductor - Simon Ible

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